4″ Lead Coated Copper Bracket for Round Downspout


Easy to install “clam-shell” design uses a thumbscrew to securely lock the downspout in place.

NOTEL: The thumbscrew (gate screw) on this bracket is not lead-coated and is natural copper. For more information, read the description below.

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Our downspout brackets are manufactured using lead-coated copper and feature an anti-corrosion plated steel bolt screw.

Easy to install “clam-shell” design uses a thumbscrew to securely lock the downspout in place.

Downspout Size SKU Material Dim ‘d’
3″ 43017000 Lead-Coated Copper w/ Plated Steel BoltScrew 3.00″
4″ 43017001 Lead-Coated Copper w/ Plated Steel BoltScrew 4.00″

image of the dimensions of a lead coated copper downspout bracket



While the entire bracket is lead-coated using a hot dip method, the thumbscrew is left natural copper. IF the thumbscrew were to be factory lead-coated, the additional thickness of elad would make it impossible to thread into the bracket.

Even so, you may still find that the un-coated thumbscrew is still difficult to thread in.

Sometimes the thumbscrew can be worked in and out slowly to “tap” the threads. If this doesn’t work, heating the threaded part of the bracket until the solder softens, then inserting the thumbscrew (you may have to preheat the thumbscrew as well) usually works.

Once the thumbscrew has been installed and the bracket is tight, flux the thumbscrew, then tin it with a soldering iron for a more or less perfect match.


At the lead-coating facility, the brackets are hot-dipped in molten lead, then placed on a cooling rack. While they are cooling workers manipulate the bracket’s gate to make sure that the lead doesn’t freeze the hinge.

Occasionally some still get through that have a frozen gate hinge.

If you have one of these, simply heat the hinge until the solder softens, then remove the heat and work the hinge back and forth until the solder cools, or if already on the building and ready to be closed, just move the bracket to the closed position before the solder solidifies.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1.125 in